Trophy Club Red Wine Subscription Gift – Get It Now!

Have you heard about the latest addition to Just Wines’ massive online store? The wine eCommerce brand came up with an interesting name for their long-awaited wine club – the Trophy Club. Trophy Club is a fantastic service for wine lovers of all ages & tastes. It has been made available for our most loyal customers, to keep them happy & satisfied with our services, and make them feel special!

The Just Wines Trophy Club is a one of a kind wine club in Australia, providing wine buyers a chance to get their hands on premium quality as well as elegant wines. Why should you enroll yourself for this club? Well, there are a large number of benefits to being a member of the exclusive Trophy Club. The advantages are listed as below –

1. FREE Membership: We are not like other wine clubs that want you to pay us money to buy membership for our Trophy Club. One of the best USPs of the Trophy Club is that membership to this club is absolutely free! There are no charges to be paid in order to become a member of the Trophy Club. All that you need to do to, is to place an order with the Trophy Club, and you will automatically become a member. It is that simple!
2. Guaranteed Delivery: Once you are a part of Trophy Club, you will be subscribed to receive a wine case every 2 months without fail, safely packaged & on time, unless you get the delivery suspended.
3. Personalized Customer Service: Do not want a delivery a particular month? You can get it suspended? Wish to get your plan upgraded or downgraded? We are there to assist you. Our talented Customer Support team will ring you before each delivery, ensuring that your order is as per your whims & wishes. Whatever needs go be customized in your order, we are just a call away.
4. NO SHIPPING CHARGES: Another great benefit of being a Trophy Club subscriber is that no shipping / delivery charges need to be paid on any order. All your orders will be delivered to you absolutely free of cost, right at your doorstep!

With such a wide range of benefits being provided to you by Just Wines, how can you miss the chance to join our fabulous wine club? We deliver wines all over Australia, so you need not fret at all! Ordering & receiving wines is totally hassle-free & convenient. Another great advantage provided by Just Wines is that all orders are backed by our fan favourite USP – 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Don’t like a wine? Just contact our Customer Support team via call or email, & they will happily assist you in getting your wines returned or replaced, and your money refunded, whichever way you might prefer. Rest assured of quality & consistency from Just Wines, since we always put the customer’s happiness & needs first, in all dealings.  

At Just Wines, we aim at supporting as well as promoting all Aussie as well as Kiwi wineries. We want to get as many wine companies onto our online store as we can, so that our customers have the option to choose from a humongous wine collection at a single platform. This marvellous Trophy Club is a way of rewarding our customers. We even have the best red wine club subscription gift for you if you become a part of our revered Trophy Club. Don’t wait, become a member now!


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